Why are some website builders free and some are not? + -

It all depends on the offers presented. The free website builders will come with affordable additions such as hosting and/or domain name registration. The low-cost website builders will come with free hosting and/or domain name registration. Some come with all three at affordable prices. You need to find what is best for your needs.

If I choose a website builder, will it come with website marketing? + -

Usually no, however some companies do offer marketing services at an additional cost. I recommend contacting the company to see what website marketing services they may offer and at what cost.

What is search engine optimization and is it offered? + -

Search-engine optimization (SEO) is a process that helps a website get found in the search results of Google, Bing, etc. Some website builders offer this as a paid option, however utilizing SEO to be beneficial is something that is best left to the professionals. Finding a reliable SEO expert can be difficult because their are a lot of SEO’s that use bad and outdated tactics that can harm a website. You need to find an SEO specialist with years of experience and a proven track record. We use and recommend John Kline, an SEO Expert at SearchBliss.

There are so many website builders, how do I choose? + -

We have taken the guess work out of the equation by only listing reliable and highly experienced companies that offer the best site builders. You need to determine which one will best suit your businesses. If your site is large, small, requires a shopping cart (eCommerce), etc., are all factors only you can answer. Then select the builder that right for your personal or business website.

Do these website builders include web hosting and anything else I may need? + -

A domain name, hosting platform, and webpages are required in order for a website to operate. Many of the website builders listed include all three of the necessary components mentioned. This makes it easier for you to create and launch an active website.

I heard GoDaddy has a popular website builder, are they any good? + -

There are many wonderful website builders such as GoDaddy’s, including web.com, Homestead, and Strikingly – all with easy point-and-click live view designers with many options. We have listed the most trusted web builders on Affordable Website so you only need to decide the best fit for your needs.

I want to use a company with a great reputation. How can I find them? + -

Top companies always get client reviews. You can search for reviews and read them to help you decide. This it what we’ve done as part of our selection process, so you can take comfort in know we only list the best, or you can research and decide for yourself.

Do I need a mobile website in addition to the one a website builder can make? + -

No, you do not need a separate site for mobile devices. These website builders were developed to create websites that render well in both desktop computers and mobile devices, so there is no need for a second website.

Once my site is built and active, what do I need to do to maintain it? + -

These web designer tools allow you to change and/or add new content whenever you wish. Simply log into the control panel and launch the website builder to do this. Other aspects of maintenance may involve the hosting environment the site os on. In these cases, you can contact the companies support center for help.

How do I make a good web design with a builder? + -

The builders we have listed all offer hundreds of pre-deigned templates to work with. This makes it easy for you to select a layout that will best suit your business or personal website needs. The templates they offer where designed by professional web designers, so you know the quality and look of the designs will be professional.

Can I design my site without a builder? + -

Sure, If you have the design and development skills to pursue this or have a large enough budget to have a website designed and developed. Then with a domain name and a hosting environment, you can upload the webpages to the server or host.

Do I need to download and install software or anything? + -

No. The companies we have listed run software on their website, so you can build the site right from the web browser of your choice. If any additional software is offered that runs on your computer, you can decide if you need it and/or what to install it.

How do I use these builder tools? + -

These tools were designed for ease. Anyone regardless of design experience can use these tools effectively. The software was created so you can easily add and remove elements, create new pages, upload images, etc. The layout of the pages you are designing also allow you to see what it will look like before you save and/or publish the changes live on the internet.

Can I use the software anytime I want to? + -

Yes. Log-in to the control panel at any time you like, 24/7 to make edits and additions. There is no limit.

How long will it take me to build a site? + -

That depends on many factors, such as the amount of pages you want and the time you have to work on each page. Everybody works at their own pace and with different daily schedules, so honestly, you can answer this question better than I can. Just know that the ease-of-use for these website builders does speed things up a lot.

Do I need any programming or technical skills to build or edit my site? + -

No. All you need is a web browser that isn’t out of date, internet access, and basic computer skills. If you can type, use a mouse or mouse pad, click and drag, then you have all the skills you need.

Do I need to create and add my own content to the website? + -

Mainly, yes. Some builders offer common content you can customize such as contact forms so users can submit questions, comments, etc. Many also include free stock photos you can choose from to make your design more professional looking. They may also offer suggestions, such as the types of pages most sites have. The fact is, only you know what you need or want on your site that is specific to the website’s purpose. This, such as text, you will have to provide.

Can I add my own images to the design? + -

Yes. Every website builder listed on Affordable Website allows you to upload and add your own images to the design. Follow the instructions for uploading your images and then position them on your website by simply dragging them where you want them. Most image file formats such as gig, jpeg and png are excepted. Just see what they allow and if their are any image size specifications. Most allow you to crop an image after the upload is completed. In addition, most offer free stock photos you can choose from that are ready to add.

Can I add music to the website? + -

Maybe. This depends on the company where the builder resides. Some don’t allow it due to possible copyright violations, while others do allow it after you submit an agreement that you own the music. These sites allow the most common sound formats, such as mp3.

Can I add shopping cart features so people can buy items online? + -

Most builders allow you to add eCommerce features to your site, such as a shopping cart or buy now buttons through PayPal. Just keep in mind that each website builder is different, so you need to make sure that eCommerce features are offered as part of the package

I have a question that isn't listed here, what do I do? + -

Ask us! You can email us directly here and we will replay as soon as possible.