Privacy Policy


Your privacy is very important to 4dable dot Com. We want to assure you that we do gather some information about you. Currently, we use “cookies” to make your next visit to our website more friendly. In addition, we collect your email address when you sign up for our newsletter. We assure you that we respect privacy and we’ll never sell any of your personal/contact information to any third party website. So don’t worry, your email address is safe with us. If and when our policy changes, we will post the new Privacy Policy on our Site.


Please be aware that most of the websites that we link to, have their own Privacy Policies. You should always take a moment to read any new site visited by you from our links. Rest assured that we have thoroughly investigated each and every link to ensure they are all valid, reliable, and trustworthy entities.


The entire world has become one giant information gathering device. You should have absolutely no fear of being “cook-ied.” After all, a cookie is simply a “geek” pneumonic for a file that is stored on your local device to gather pieces of information so that your next visit to the same website will be quicker, friendlier, and easier to navigate. Most likely, there are thousands of similar files stored on your hard drive, that have nothing to do with the internet or browsing. In fact, your local grocery store, pharmacy, computer troubleshooter, and even gasoline (petrol) stations most likely know more about you than any cookie ever will. So, browse fearlessly, and have a pleasurable experience.